This article gives a glimpse behind the scenes of how the Vaccine National Booking System is architected in order to deal with peaks in demand. On the 8th of June 2021 we saw the biggest day for bookings, taking over 1m bookings.

Sir Simon Stevens commenting on the busiest day for bookings
Sir Simon Stevens on our Glastonbury

When designing the system, we didn’t know how people would respond to the vaccine or how they would be invited to get it. Crazy non-functional requirements started to be thrown about — it must deal with 50m people all wanting a vaccine at the same time! In reality, this just wasn’t realistic, the whole country wasn’t going to…

This article tries to tell the story of how we approached reporting on Gov.Notify within the National Booking Service for Covid Vaccines and how we have now extended that approach.

Reporting on the use of a service such as the National Booking Service has really led the way on how we provide MI on how the service is performing. PowerBI is heavily used in NHS Digital and our Analyst Michelle has done a fantastic job pulling in disperate data sources such as Splunk, Adobe Analytics and nightly extracts to provide a number of dashboards showing all the KPI’s and stats…

Working on national systems such as the National Booking Service that enables everyone to book a coronoavirus vaccine has been a highlight of my career. As with any system it’s had its challenages and finding the time to innovate to solve those challanges hasn’t been easy. That said, there is one innovation that will definately be of use when things get back to normal. If you’ve ever needed to mock an API dynamically at scale, then read on.

The Challenge

The Eligibility checking aspect of the National Booking Service is built using two key API’s. The first, delivered by NHS Digital is…

If you’re reading this post, you already know about NHS Choices / NHS.UK and the good work we do. You may even know some of us and if you do, you’ll probably know that we’re a modest bunch! Many of us have worked on Choices for a long time and have a wealth of experience delivering the site and services it offers. I’ve been here almost 9 years and can’t think of a better time to be involved with the programme as it goes through a major change with so much opportunity to learn new things and work with different…

Since my first blog back in September, setting out our ambitions for improving data transparency for the NHS and specifically My NHS we have achieved a lot! Now that this initial proof of concept has paused it gives us a chance to take stock of our achievements and prepare for our next steps along the road.

In the three months of the proof of concept we‘ve worked with our partners to create a data platform capable of delivering the data needed to drive the My NHS site, but also to provide the data layers we identified through the user research…

The road to transparency by sean craig

As I start to write this, it is exactly 10 months to the day that we started planning the next evolution of the My NHS site and more specifically the data platform on which it sits. This is the ongoing story of how we are taking My NHS forward in order to support the NHS becoming a learning organisation.

The purpose of My NHS is to support the Department of Health’s ‘Intelligent Transparency’ agenda in support of the Paperless 2020 programme. …

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